Diamond Drilling

Specialist Diamond Drilling Services UK

10mm-1m standard diameters to virtually any depth and angled through a variety of substrates such as concrete, masonry and stone. Since Diamond Drilling is rotary only, vibration and noise levels are greatly reduced. Wet Diamond Cutting controls dust, now recognised as one of the most hazardous substances in the construction industry.

Dry Diamond Drilling

Dry drilling for applications where water is not permitted. Quite often we are required to Dry Diamond Drill because water cannot be used when there are live services in the vicinity. In these cases, we control the dust created by means of a using a dust control unit situated in between the motor and the bit which is then attached to a dry vacuum unit.

Stitch Drilling

The perfect solution where substrate is too deep to be sawn or access is restricted. By making a series of overlapping core holes, openings can be formed in walls and floors this is described as Stitch Drilling. With virtually no limit to the depth and size of the opening, this method provides the ideal answer when a substrate is too deep to be sawn or access is restricted.

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Diamond Drilling Holes into Rings